The Hotel


In 1955, the Hotel Tarull, in Tossa de Mar was established. From ourstart we have end eavoured to give a family and personalized service adapted to each and every clients needs. Many of whom return to the Tarull year after year.

This way the Hotel Tarull in Tossa de Mar  have a loyal client base, two and even three generations of the same familys put their trust each year in us, for their wonderful holiday in the heart of the Costa Brava from Girona.


The Hotel Tarull from Tossa de Mar is constantly being  re-furbished so that its clients can enjoy maximum comfort and services whilst at the same time keeping up to date with ECC regulations.

Each rooms is spacious and has all the modern amenities. Individual rooms trought to family  connecting suites for up to 5 peoples, however for those whostill need extra room we will go the extra mile in adapting the space efficiently making your day more relaxing.

On our ground floor from the Hotel  Tarull in Tossa de Mar , there is a reception, bar and hall, where our clients can relax and feel at home. On the first floor is the dinning room where we serve breakfast . The second floor and third floor are where our rooms are situated. On the top floor is  one from the best terrace in Tossa de Mar where you can enjoy the unrivalled,spectacular, panoramic views of the whole of Tossa de Mar, sea and mountains. We also have a Wifi zone and private parking next to the Hotel Tarull.

The village from Tossa de Mar, hearth of the Costa Brava.

Marc Chagall in 1933 said about Tossa de Mar that it was a trueblue paradise. Without a doubt Tossa de Mar and its spectacular patrimony, natural,arquitecural,cultural and gastronomic have been mentioned many times through out the years by people who have spent their summer in Tossa de Mar, the hearth of theCosta Brava.

Tossa de Mar is an ideal place to have a different type of holiday. Relaxing on our beautiful beaches , enjoying local produce dinning and being entertained with our night bars or perhaps visiting our museums and participating in our “fiestas” and traditions.

As far as leisure activities in Tossa de Mar, again its enviable wath we have to offer.There is still unspoilt natural patrimony to be discovered in Tossa de Mar. You can get up close to the real blueCosta Bravaby snorkelling, diving or kayaking. By rambling, btt, cycling  or another sport you will come across our green  mountains, l’Ardenya and Cadiretes (Natural Park) most important “puig de ses cadiretes” (519 mst) from the top of  you can spy Barcelona, Girona, Montserrat, Montseny, Les Gavarres…..

Lastly, where Tossa de Mar is situated in the heart of the Costa Brava allows you to easily take part in excursions to the Girona and catalan landmarks of Girona,Dali’s museum in Figueres, the Garrotxa volcanos, Montserrat, Barcelona…